For Employers

Ocean Contract offers high quality services devoting our full attention to the human factor and depending on the Principals’ differing needs.

We are ready and organized to manage any task: from one seaman to a full crew.

Our crewing services are flexible and cover the complete spectrum of the modern Crewing for the Ship Managers and Ship Owners.

Here you can find a testimonials of our clients:

" Excellent crew, supplied in time! "

Verby Shipping Co LTD

Capt. Veles Chiblis

+370 464 60003

" We always had shortage with seamans, until started work with Ocean Contract..."

Malaysia Logistics BHS

Capt. Baisar Inhu

+603 921 22577

" Ocean Contract always gives us qualified and experienced personnel "

Transshipping Management Co LTD

Capt. Andreys Kilis

+372 660 1654

" We working with Ocean Contract more than 2 years, and happy with this good cooperation "

Wallem Port Trade Co LTD

Capt. Tomasz Pchiszczek

+482 239 06435

" Most of all, i like their fast response "

MSS Gas Company Trade

Capt. Pang Jeng Hsu

+852 800 931454